In the Rockies

In the Rockies
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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Just for Fun!

This morning I took my car to be serviced at a station in another part of Nashville. Recommended
by a friend who had a car exactly like mine, I liked the folks and the service. At 7:25 am I walked to the parking log, camera bag over one shoulder and a bag carrying cute thank-you notes with photos I took, needing to be written. I would go to the near-by coffee shop and breakfast place and write the notes. But the coffee shop didn't open until 8 am. While waiting I decided to walk into the old neighborhood behind the service station and see where I could use my new macro lens. And did I
find a lot of flowers! The one above was taken in front of an old library branch.

This one was in front of the old Cohn School building, with perfect light. Walking from the library back toward the school I saw a policeman stop a trio of students, apparently making certain they were headed for school where classes had already begun. The next couple of shots were beside the school as well.

These are all shots that came from the camera without editing.

The ones below have been played with, some
a great deal--such fun! I will get a real editing program as I learn more about using the camera.

A dad in a hurry to deposit his daughter at her mother's came close to knocking me down as he backed into a parking spot beside me, as I took pink flower photos,and opened the door to get his child, who didn't want to get out of her car seat.

I obviously don't have the art of taking shots
into the flower's center down yet. I also found my arm tired and my hand unsteady after taking a number of shots of flowers on this bush.

I also thought of people I saw as possible
characters for stories, houses where they might
live, a school, a library, a community for them to inhabit. One of these days I'll set a story in this city, perhaps in that neighborhood, one that has gentry mixed with junk shops and poorer housing on streets I didn't walk through.

The bee was intentional, the fly lit as I was focusing, and was too good to pass up.

I think I should be able to get much closer to these insects (Is that true?), but don't have that down yet.

I ended my walk after more than an hour and walked back to my waiting car, all ready for the trip to Myrtle Beach, which the station owner said I would love.

                      What a wonderful way to pass the time waiting for my car to be serviced!

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