In the Rockies

In the Rockies
Butler Gulch

Monday, September 14, 2015

Nashville -- Settled!!! (Somewhat!)

The sun made a splash over the city this morning as I awoke early to make it up one flight to the laundry room by 6:30, the reputed opening time.  A woman had already loaded five machine and a sixth was out of order.  Fortunately two remained.  Just what I needed.  I discovered that this woman does laundry for others and was doing a month's laundry for a client!  And I expected to be there alone.  The machines do have a delicate setting and the dryers adjust heating too although I was coached on which ones dry the best, which was not my issue this morning.  I walked back to 17, my floor, and made coffee while the laundry swished through its cycles.

Red in the morning, sailors warning is an old saying I had forgotten while in Colorado as it didn't seem to have anything to do with the weather or rain.  Not so today.  I took the photo below as it rained briefly this morning.  After lunch I continued with my plan to walk two blocks to the credit union to see if I could get access to the funds I deposited last week (success!) and on to Fido's, the coffee and lunch spot where I'm currently seated as it rains and rains.  My internet and TV service are scheduled for connection a week from today.  

This evening's plans, to attend Shakespeare in the Park and see Henry V looks as if it is a plan to be scuttled!  Perhaps Sunday evening's performance will be dryer.  

This week I've taken a couple of morning breaks to walk/hike.  One morning I scoped out the newly opened Harpeth Greenway, walking about five miles--some of it lovely, some a way to get around an area.  Most of the Greenway around Nashville's perimeter has been completed.  Quite an accomplishment.  This lovely butterfly seemed oblivious to my camera.

For unknown reasons, I cannot upload the butterfly.  Sorry.

Another morning I headed to my favorite park, Radnor Lake.  While this one is closer, the traffic was such that it also took about 30 minutes to get there, not quite so long returning.  I knew the city traffic was back in this area, but it is heavier than expected with the various university's students and the city residents.

At Radnor Lake I felt at home in a way that I hadn't experienced since returning to this city where my children grew up and where I worked both at Vanderbilt Medical School and the TN Department of Economic and Community Development.  It was a feeling that any photo could not capture--the feel of the air, the smells, the soft path and farther into the park, the rocky climb to Ganier Ridge.  The deer and fawn with spots still obvious (and not visible in my photos) almost posed.

I am looking forward to writing in my new spots, the table writing and art section, about ready for use.

The rain has quieted though still coming down, but think I should head back, hoping for enough time of respite from the blowing rain to hurry two blocks to my new home.

More soon!