In the Rockies

In the Rockies
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Trying New Things and Ways

NOTE:  This post is a mix of how things stood on the date I wrote it, and an update as of today, August 17th.  It bring you up to date with things in my life not mentioned in today's blog.

I hadn't been able to reach the blogs I'd written and not posted--a habit where I often write, then go back and read another day before posting.  I found this one when I posted todays

Okay.  Now I have time.  There are still meetings, and commitments, but not many.  I've had the carpets in my condo cleaned, which resulted in cleaning (and some discarding) a lot of other things too.  A couple of my group duties have been completed and passed on to others.  I have only one church responsibility, and that comes only two or three times a quarter.  For the organization that I had been prepped to take over as president, it appears that since the Executive Director has announced that she will resign at the end of the year, the current president wants to stay on--and that's okay with me.  I'm completing details in the accounting software to finish my work with Michelle in her business. 

NOTE:  Change of plans for the current Voices For Children CASA board president means that I will become president in October.  While that will be in the middle of the search for a new ED, we are both on the committee, the only new officer will be the vice president, and I believe the board transition will be smooth.  Hopefully the ED transition will be too.  Also my work with Michelle ended in July.  She has chosen to distance as she works on her relationship with her husband.  Hard, painful though it is, I am adjusting more each day.  Though I have crawled into that hole, I'm grateful that I don't hang out there.

My endings are all appropriate though it's a lot at one time.  My ushering responsibilities at the summer Colorado Music Festival have made this month's evenings busy.  Hiking continues weekly.  Writing has moved to the front burner; however, I have heard nothing from the small press editor.  I heard through my friend who works at the corporate office here that the editor had returned and had or was going to read my material this week--but nothing to me from her.  I still have prayers out there--that the story will stay with her over the next few days, and she'll feel compelled to publish it.  I've edited the adult voice pieces and am through working on the memoir.  If I hear nothing, I might--just might send out a flurry of queries to agents.  Again, I might just let it go.  I have decided absolutely not to self-publish it.  Other stories perhaps, the spiritual journey/hiking proposal I'm working on or something else--not the memoir.

UPDATE:  I didn't hear from the Seal editor.  I did send out one more query--and might do two or three this afternoon--without any expectations. 
I have an early spring date to give a Quiet Day program for my friend's church in Florida, combining it with a visit.  That's one way forward.  I'll check out that as a possibility--some version--with another priest friend tomorrow.  I still feel a call to get in front of a more diverse audience, but there's never a way to know who is in the audience anywhere.

It's strange, thinking that I'm to do one thing for certain, leaving time and feeling in a vacuum.

August 17th --
I'm less in a vacuum each day, more settled with working on the spiritual journey hiking book, which means more since I can't hike right now--and gearing up to do the website.  Suggestions for good titles for the website anyone???   Blogs posted there will be more like earlier spiritual posts.

Gratitude for Miracles Big and Small

                                                                                Moss in the trees behind me--like Ala. or Fla.!
                  Nearing Odessa Lake, RMNP, July                                      Near Finch Lake, RMNP July

This morning I walked to the development kiosk to pick up Friday's paper (I only take the local Sunday) with my sandals on both feet.  Then I walked to the street, down to the corner and back--probably a block and one-half all together--with no foot pain!  How's gratitude for that from a long-time hiker cut off from the trails for a month after a pickup raced across on-going traffic in front of me almost two weeks ago?

I've been grateful that it was only my car that was totaled that Monday afternoon.  But gratitude slips as I search for another car and as I automatically think, "I'll just take a walk" when something frustrates or I feel restless.  Not being able to do my usual morning walks has left me realizing how much being able to take half hour to one and one-half hour walks here in Boulder means to me.  I know how lucky I am to be able to do mountain hikes, but haven't so much appreciated just being able to walk around the nearby park or the Celestial Seasonings trails across from our complex.  And that's not counting driving to other great trails here in Boulder.  So my short foray out this morning felt like a minor miracle! 

The ortho doc said I'd be back on the trails (perhaps not the steepest at first) by Aspen changing season.  That feels a lot closer this morning with the temperature at about 52 when I was out.  Shades of fall for sure.  I have golden Aspen photos from as early as mid-September, and last year I took photos up above Eldora (up Boulder canyon) as late as October 4th.  While I look forward to that time, I'm grateful for each pain-free step I take and for many friends who have commiserated and urged me to be patient. 

The car---oh yes a car.  My biggest decision has been to give up driving a Subaru.  For those of you living where winter snows are infrequent (and that included Boulder last winter), Subarus, all-wheel drives, are by far the vehicle of choice in Boulder.  They drive through snow without a hickup.  However, here in Boulder where there aren't many steep hills, front-wheel drives work well too.  Subarus sell at a premium for cars with over 100,000 miles, an even greater premium for lower mileage.  I have bagged having another one. 

Another reason for gratitude:  a Boulder centering prayer group leader's husband is an automobile wholesaler in Denver.  I made this connection through a newer friend who attends that centering group.  He is searching for just the right cars for me to drive and check out either tomorrow or Monday--two or three years newer than any Subaru or that I could buy without the wholesale discount. 

At next writing I hope to report progress on my "hiking as a spiritual journey tool" book--perahps on a website too. 

I am deeply grateful for each of you too!  Blessings from Boulder.

PS:  I haven't been able to "fix" the big photo and am not trying today.