In the Rockies

In the Rockies
Butler Gulch

Monday, April 23, 2018

Inspiration in the Middle of Decay

This lovely violet, a favorite spring flower from childhood, brightened an otherwise brown patch of
leaves. The sun made a couple of those leaves iridescent. Does that sound like life to you? It's those violets, that reflected sun, nature's gifts that lighten my darker mood.

Yesterday's trek with a good friend through woods with trees still naked of leaves was highlighted by the wild flowers scattered through the forest. It was near the creek that I found such a wealth of beauty growing from the winter's decay. Below those tiny blossoms come out to the partially submerged log, reminding me that there is still some small beauty in this aging body--though it may not shine as those buds did, catching my eye from the bank above the creek.

The sun flirted with the clouds but most of my viewing was in the shade, reminding me to look for beauty in the shadows, to remember that through the darkness comes healing.

I moved quickly from one bloom to another, aiming my camera, preserving beauty that is fleeting, the creek in the background. Each tiny flower was its own show, its own glory as each of us has our own beauty.

I started this post a few days ago, in a darkly reflective mood. That place has captured me this morning.I must go back to the memoir editing in a few minutes. It's not calling with any pleasure, but my diligent editor next door has promised to complete her work for a scheduled meeting on Wednesday afternoon, and I need to have finished her first 100 pages prior to that time.

I'm adding a photo of the blue-eyed marys taken a week ago Sunday on a cloudy, cold damp afternoon on a mostly muddy trail. These tiny blossoms were covering hillsides, lining the riverbed, worth the uncomfortable hike to spend time with them. That's a positive way to look at this editing exercise or to those slogs through pain. There is beauty to be found. We simply have to be willing to be uncomfortable to find it, healing too in the cracks and crannies of life. Enjoy beauty wherever you find it.