In the Rockies

In the Rockies
Butler Gulch

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Keeping in touch while writing

                                    Late afternoon from Deer Mountain Trail, RMNP 1/17/14

First, a big shout out to readers in the South.  Snow in Birmingham!!!  I remember a snow day years ago when our children slid down the hill behind our house, turning just before they reached the creek.  It seems as if the snow melted after one day, but perhaps my memory is faulty on that.  And I remember my New Orleans roommate in Yellowstone National Park years ago seeing her first snow when we had snow in August at Lake Lodge.

Yes, there is snow on the ground here and more expected tomorrow night into Friday.  The mountains on the other side of the Continental Divide will get the full force of the coming storm, and I'll look forward to new snow for a snowshoe in RMNP soon.

Since I've gone back to writing most days, I find it harder to write a blog post that isn't an extension of what is showing up in that writing.  The little girl's voice in the memoir is still good, and the additions and deletions to that part of the book come relatively easily.  Using my writing coach's suggestion of pulling out the adult voice inserts and making them separate chapters, although not long ones, has been more challenging.  And switching back and forth between the voices doesn't work well.

My coach has been out of commission for the past month, but her earlier suggestions fit as I move along in the main part of the memoir.  She hasn't communicated since early January so I'm not sure that she's any longer interested.  And folks to support this writing journey are appearing slowly.  Though I had good support when I was immersed in writing a couple of times on this long journey, my commitment is the critical one.  That I have.  And writing is a solitary occupation.  When, like yesterday afternoon, I can meet a friend who isn't adverse to hearing a bit about the writing and then continuing other conversations, it's helpful.  When it's not too slippery or muddy to walk, that's good too.

                                                 Near the Boulder Reservoir path last Friday

So I'm closing so I can start writing adult voice chapters.  I'll stay in that mode today and mark anything I see in the little girl's story that needs work for another day.

Blessings to all,

PS:  I'm adding this PS to remind myself to write about the James Finley healing workshop I attended earlier this month, especially how doing exercises he suggested is taking me to unexpected places that need healing.     Writing spaces -- next to living room sofa (l.) and writing room on the right.