In the Rockies

In the Rockies
Butler Gulch

Monday, June 25, 2012

Flower Garden Above the Fray (and fires)

After writing a post that I saved but didn't publish and discovering that I couldn't find it, this will be short.  I couldn't wait until I had more time to share these photos, particularly with those of you who live back in the southeast. 

The flowers found in the Indian Peaks Forest, along and above the Isabelle Lake Trail were so refreshing during the fray in my spiritual journey and the wild fires burning not that far away.

I am reminded of how the daisies on our farm took me away from the chaos in our farm house when I was on an errand to the country store at the end of our north field. 

My personal spiritual healing journey fray is cluttered with too many endings and connections.  A couple of conversations recently reminded me of how little I considered my personal needs for satisfaction during most of my life.  Now these hikes and wildflowers fill a deep personal need--and I am gratiful--for the health and strength and time to see and enjoy them, especially with a dear friend.  I won't say no money is involved for gasoline and car repairs are expensive.  However the lifting and joy these hikes and flowers provide are far more than the cost of getting to the mountains where they thrive.  I am deeply grateful.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gratitude for light and dark

Splashy water--falls and streams--fill the mountains.  Darkness too--in spaces large and small.  Light and dark, up and down, in and out, around and about--paths go up, up and around.  And always we must come down.  Down can be dark, as a journey deep inside.  Bringing that darkness up allows the light to shine through, light to invade and change the view, release allows for freedom, even joy.

Gratitude covers all--light, dark, up and down.  Waking each day is cause for gratitude.  Walking a path is joyous, even with a stumble.  New life meets with decaying wood and leaves.  Skies blue dotted with frothy white clouds above.  Watching the path--one step at a time--presence.

Enjoy your day!