In the Rockies

In the Rockies
Butler Gulch

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wildflowers in Bloom Vs. Humans Becoming

How short their lives, yet how much they give, those wildflowers in bloom in the mountains.

They blossom and show us all of their beauty, yet for such a short season. The season's length depends on moisture, sun, and humans stepping carefully to avoid smashing and crunching those tiny alpine blossoms. While they are with us, wildflowers give of themselves totally. They blow with the wind, raise their leaves to showers, and endure hail and storms. Through all of it, they bloom and are open to our enjoyment.

What can we learn from them? Openness to beauty, to the sunshine that comes after the rain, rain needed to nourish us in ways we do not always understand. Allow our arms and hearts to be open to God's love. Allow our Divine spark to connect to God's and to grow and deepen. Be a conduit for Divine love to those around us. And to know that the rain that sometimes brings wind and storms--turmoil and pain--comes to allow us to grow in unexpected ways. As the flowers die to bloom again another season, we die little deaths to allow us to bloom in another way--to find ourselves on an unexpected path, our journeys taking a different road.

Let us bloom with Divine love, shower it on those around us. Let us not be stingy with ourselves or with others. Let us not be stingy with God. Like the mountain wildflowers, open flowering can be ours. It takes trust in Divine love.

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