In the Rockies

In the Rockies
Butler Gulch

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


As I went to my blog this morning, I noticed that the title hardly allows for a despondent day. Yet even with inspiration all around us, there are those days.

Blue is a beautiful color, especially the bright blue skies (as I've said previously). The blue wildflowers are lovely. Yet saying "I am blue" or "I have the blues" is a reference to sadness and grief. How this came about isn't pertinent to this writing.

This is a blue morning for me. It's old stuff--and aging stuff. The old feelings of grief are healing when I let them come up and release them to the universe. The Spirit is with me in this process. That is the inspiration in today's journey. I don't have to do this alone. The Spirit comforts and supports the process of healing in whatever ways are helpful and do no harm.

Healing may come from hiking and marveling at God's creation--the beautiful blues. Some days they are hard to see. Today the photos I've chosen are of small blue flowers that require attention to the beauty around us to see--alpine fringe and alpine whipple pestemon. They remind me that the beauty is always here, but it requires my presence to see it. It requires a slower walk. Healing also requires presence and time.
Healing may come from releasing old fears and unprocessed pain. It may come from grieving and letting go of old hurts. The important thing is to live our journeys with space for healing--to be with whatever our unconscious releases rather than to push it back. We remember that this takes courage.

The aging blues don't get me often. I'm fortunate in that way. But there are those days when it seems that my gifts are no longer valuable in this culture. I want to contribute and yet, the contributions I have to make aren't given space. The memoir I so believe is a work I'm called to get out there doesn't attract an agent. I do believe it will when it's time, but when will that time come? Only the Spirit knows.
Be with the blues for healing. Accept that life changes and be willing and ready for those changes. Easy to say; not so easy to do, but the Spirit is there, willing to support and comfort. Take heart. Healing takes courage.

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